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Our Coaching Gets Results

Whether you are an emerging leader or have decades of experience, Elizabeth and the uniquely designed Lifelong Learning Way will empower you to live your best life! Coaching is beneficial for anyone looking for expanding their thinking and enhancing their life. Coaching benefits the individual in addition to the organization in which they lead and the return on investment for coaching is significant. According to Metrix Global, coaching has 500%+ ROI. And according to the Personnel Management Association, coaching in combination with training, increased productivity 88%, vs a 22% increase with training alone. 

Elizabeth’s clients report an improvement in their overall LIFE satisfaction as a result of working with her. Her clients are experiencing improved decision making, enhancing their ability to think more strategically, AND experience more calm moments, confidence, and self-awareness leading to increasing fulfillment, balance and job performance outcomes.  Some clients even report better than expected year-end review and a higher-than-average pay increase after receiving coaching with Elizabeth.

Client Success Stories

My experience being coached by Elizabeth Boehm-Miller was a great one! After being promoted from middle management to an executive position at my company, I found myself in uncharted vocational territory. For the first time in my career, I didn’t have a mentor teaching me the ropes. I knew that I was performing relatively well, and I wasn’t afraid I would lose my job. But I felt insecure and disorganized, and I lacked vision. I needed help and didn’t know where to start.

Elizabeth helped me explore the process of understanding exactly what I was thinking and feeling, and then she empowered me towards setting goals and taking concrete steps to accomplish them. She didn’t tell me what I needed to do – she asked me questions and led me through a process of figuring out for myself where I was, where I want to go, and what steps I wanted to take to change my trajectory. In my time with her I gained confidence, got perspective, developed my career identity and purpose, set goals, established discipline, and changed behaviors which were holding me back. Most importantly, my anxiety went way down and I gained confidence! 

Elizabeth is an active listener. She asked open-ended questions at a good pace for me to discover my issues and to make decisions. She encouraged me to make concrete, measurable goals (short-term and long-term). With each session we started by reviewing my progress since our previous session. This really helped me see my progress throughout the process. She was incredibly supportive along the way. I truly felt “coached” – I was the one on the field doing the work, and she was the one helping me find the right direction. She also had several tools and exercises she used for constructive brainstorming.

She is really good at what she does! This was a life changing experience for me, and I am so grateful for my time with her. I strongly recommend and endorse Elizabeth as a coach, particularly for anyone needing to figure out where they are and where they are going.

Chief Product Officer - Software Development

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