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Meet Elizabeth

Since 2003, Elizabeth has been courageously leading teams and delivering extraordinary results! Starting her career as temp, she literally climbed the corporate ladder from the bottom level to the executive level. She knows firsthand how to navigate a career as a female in a multinational organization.   


Her executive corporate experience working for a global Fortune 500 company, leading teams, transforming organizations, and delivering results prepared her for entrepreneurship. Her passion for developing the talent and potential of others, led her to create Lifelong Learning Coaching & Consulting where she continues her work of empowering leaders to live their best lives. She is proud of her corporate experience leading large teams creating and delivering more than $100 million in profits annually, as the US Sales Director.  As Sales Director, she developed talent and removed barriers for growth resulting in increased deal velocity, significant topline and financial growth. Her experience in business turn-arounds and team overhauls prepared her for leading the integration of a family-owned lubricant company into the global Fortune 500 organization. She is grateful for her prosperous corporate career of more than two and half decades.


Elizabeth’s colleagues describe her as: positive, authentic, caring, helpful, insightful, passionate, resilient, hopeful, energetic, inclusive, thoughtful, motivational, an amazing mentor, and a developer of people and the business. 


To fuel her competitive spirit, she pursued martial arts as a grown person. She is a 2nd degree black belt in karate and is training for her 3rd degree black belt. Elizabeth has a continuous improvement mindset. She understands that successful people are committed to lifelong learning…successful people have growth mindsets and are always expanding their thinking; they are discovering new possibilities and are creating innovative solutions. Elizabeth supports her clients by enabling them to see who they are when they are at their best, and to explore their meaning and purpose. Creating awareness of client’s strengths enables them to imagine the possibilities; this exploration becomes the lens in which they see the world and translates to life-changing growth.

2nd Degree
Black Belt

They Trust Elizabeth

See how a client describes their experience of working with Elizabeth:

"Elizabeth helped me explore the process of understanding exactly what I was thinking and feeling, and then she empowered me towards setting goals and taking concrete steps to accomplish them. She didn’t tell me what I needed to do – she asked me questions and led me through a process of figuring out for myself where I was, where I want to go, and what steps I wanted to take to change my trajectory. In my time with her I gained confidence, got perspective, developed my career identity and purpose, set goals, established discipline, and changed behaviors which were holding me back. Most importantly, my anxiety went way down and I gained confidence! This was a life changing experience for me, and I am so grateful for my time with her. I strongly recommend and endorse Elizabeth as a coach, particularly for anyone needing to figure out where they are and where they are going."

Chief Product Officer - Software Development

Person Of Faith
Advocate For Women
Racial and Social Activist
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