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Empowering leaders to live their best lives!

Coaching creates confidence!

Confidence is the critical element to the success of anyone achieving anything. YOU are healthy, whole and have what it takes to achieve your goals and dreams. And, someone coming alongside you in your journey empowers you to unlock your full potential. Coaching fosters confidence by allowing the client to develop the outcomes best suited for them. A coach is a helpful confidant asking the right questions, enabling clients to achieve their ideal results.

Coaches Are:


Professional listeners, trained to listen to what is said and what is unsaid


Explorers of perspectives


Focus & motivation partners


Accountability alliances


Coaches: evoke awareness and partner with clients to facilitate growth


Why Coaching?

Coaching enables growth for expanding your thinking, your options and your life. The return on investment for coaching is significant; according to Metrix Global, coaching has 500%+ Return on Investment. And according to the Personnel Management Association, coaching in combination with training increased productivity 88% vs a 22% increase with training alone.

Expand your thinking and realize your dreams

Outcomes begin with our beliefs about ourselves and the world around us. Our beliefs are the foundations for our thoughts which lead to our actions and ultimately impact our results. Looking inward is the first step leading to transformation.


The Lifelong Learning Way

What’s your internal narrative?  More importantly….what do you want it to be?
Expands Your Possibilities
Creates Transformation
Enables you to Achieve Your Dreams

Are You Ready For:

Realizing the balance you desire and deserve? 

Naturally creating focus for your right opportunities?

Feeling happy, fulfilled, and living a life of purpose?

Expanding your confidence and realizing how amazing you are? AND KNOWING YOUR WORTH?

Easily expanding your thinking and creating new growth for what you really want in life?

Creating space for realizing your purpose?

Create your opportunities, believe in yourself, invest in yourself!

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Work with me

Elizabeth Boehm-Miller’s executive corporate experience working for a global Fortune 500 company, leading teams, transforming organizations, and delivering results prepared her for entrepreneurship. Her passion for developing talent and gaining fulfillment through helping others, led her to create her own coaching and consulting company: Lifelong Learning Coaching & Consulting where she continues her work of empowering leaders to live their best lives. As a Certified Professional Coach and a Certified Master Coach, Elizabeth coaches emerging leaders, leaders of teams, executive leaders, and business owners with a range of experience levels and in a wide array of industries. 

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Client Success Stories

I loved my experience with Elizabeth.   Elizabeth skillfully embodied all the things I hoped for in a coach: she was an active listener, was genuinely curious, and demonstrated care.  It became obvious quickly in our discussions that Elizabeth could be trusted to talk about the things that I needed coaching on and trust that our conversations were confidential.  Her use of various tools and techniques made our conversations helpful and on-point.  She helped me focus on the real issues, and dive deeply on what actions I could take to address the issues we discussed.  I also very much appreciated Elizabeth’s follow up and focus on making progress.  Somehow, she blended flexibility in style with keeping me accountable for what I said I would do from the last session – that’s hard to do! In addition, Elizabeth helped me to focus on the horizon instead of what was immediately in front of me. Always well prepared, Elizabeth anchored our conversations to the “what’s possible” versus “what is.”  I’m grateful for the tools she employed to help me get to see a bigger picture, resulting in a more positive outlook for my future. I’m really happy with the time spent with Elizabeth. I’d recommend her to anyone who could benefit from someone who can help you unlock your own personal or professional potential.

Senior Leader of Domestic and International Teams, Fortune 500 Company  

Mountain climber on peak

Are you ready to invest in yourself?
What is the cost of NOT exploring coaching?

"Never get so busy making a living that you forget to make a life." Dolly Parton


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