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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why should I hire a coach?
    At various stages in their careers, it’s normal for leaders to feel stuck, overwhelmed, or uncertain about their future. Coaching provides a confidential space to unlock your potential, build confidence, and achieve your goals, enhancing life satisfaction. Elizabeth’s rich background as an executive leader, plus being an ICF credentialed coach equips her to support clients through the Lifelong Learning Way towards living their best lives.
  • Coaching Types Explained
    Life Coaching: Enhances personal and/or professional life. Leadership Coaching: Empowers leaders to think expansively and achieve enhanced results. Executive Coaching: Boosts executive performance and organizational impact. Business Coaching: Helps business owners grow their business and team. Career Coaching: Focuses on individual career growth and progression. Elizabeth’s certifications and transformative coaching process support leaders in a variety of areas to achieve their desired outcomes.
  • The Need for Executive Coaching
    Executives often need a trusted confidant for brainstorming and overcoming stagnation. An executive coach provides this support, enhancing focus, motivation, and overall effectiveness, inspiring teams toward success. Elizabeth combines her passion, business acumen, education and coaching expertise to help executives expand their mindset and grow both professionally and personally.
  • Why Managers Benefit from Coaching
    Regardless of experience, managers can greatly benefit from coaching to expand their thinking, boost confidence, and achieve organizational success. Unlike training, leadership coaching offers personalized support in developing a unique leadership style. Elizabeth's two decades of successful leadership experience, combined with her certified coaching skills, make her an outstanding leadership coach.
  • What is The Lifelong Learning Way?
    The Lifelong Learning Way is Elizabeth Boehm’s signature coaching process for continuous improvement and change. It combines leadership tools, DISC assessments, personalized coaching, and team coaching to promote personal and professional growth. It’s ideal for both emerging and experienced leaders seeking transformation.
  • Coaching Costs
    Coaching fees vary, with factors like session length, frequency, and additional services influencing the cost. Rates may range from $200 to $3,000 per hour, with the average around $350. Many organizations support coaching for their leaders through Learning Accounts or Educational Funds. Elizabeth offers a variety of coaching packages, including a low-investment coaching package for emerging leaders and leaders of non-profit organizations.
  • Understanding ICF
    The International Coaching Federation (ICF) is the globally recognized authority in coaching, upholding the highest standards for the coaching profession. Elizabeth is not just an active ICF member; she deeply embodies their core values and ethical standards, guaranteeing a coaching experience of unmatched quality. Holding an ICF credential, Elizabeth has undergone extensive training, completing over 120 hours of formal coaching education—comparable to obtaining an undergraduate degree. This comprehensive training includes mentorship hours, a detailed written examination, and practical assessment through recorded coaching sessions, showcasing her proficiency and dedication to the art of coaching.

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