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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why should I hire a coach?
    Common themes leaders face at some point in their career, regardless of their industry are: feeling stuck, feeling overwhelmed, experiencing a lack of motivation, inability to create and implement their vision, facing imposters syndrome, or uncertainty of how to navigate their career. There is nothing like having a confidant come along side, to help unlock your full potential. An effective coach does that. Coaches are trained to listen and utilize inquiry so the client, builds courage, confidence and achieves their goals and dreams. Improving their overall life satisfaction is the outcome of an effective coaching relationship. Elizabeth’s work experience as an executive leader gives her the credibility to enable client growth. Plus, she understands what it is like to navigate difficult experiences firsthand as a corporate leader. And now, as a certified master coach, and CEO of a coaching company, Elizabeth is empowering her clients to live their best lives by implementing The Lifelong Learning Way.
  • What is the difference between life, leadership, career, executive and business coaching?
    Life coaching focuses on an individual as a whole, empowering enhancements in their personal or professional life, or both. Leadership coaching is focused on empowering leaders for expanding their thinking leading to enhanced results as a leader and with their team. Executive coaching enables executive leaders to improve their performance and their organization as a whole. Business coaching is utilized to enable business owners to achieve growth, expanding from where they are, to where they want to be, enhancing the life of the business owner and their team. Career coaching focuses on professional development and career progression of an individual, enabling desired growth. Whether you are seeking life or leadership coaching, executive or career coaching, Elizabeth is certified to coach in all of these areas. Elizabeth has experience leading and transforming teams, while delivering financial and top-line growth. That expertise coupled with her proven coaching process, is the perfect combination to assist leaders in accomplishing desired outcomes. Learn More
  • Why do Executives need coaching?
    Most executives lack someone that they can bounce ideas off of, and at some point, most executives get stuck, both of these scenarios can create a lack of motivation. An executive coach comes alongside the executive leader, as a confidant who explores perspectives, creates focus/motivation, increasing the executive’s effectiveness so the client continues to inspire their team and achieve successful outcomes. Elizabeth’s passion for helping others, coupled with her business expertise and coaching certifications are a powerful combination for executive leaders for expanding their mindset and achieving professional and personal growth.
  • Why do Managers need coaching?
    Leadership coaching is beneficial to managers of any experience level as it expands their thinking, creates confidence, leading to successful outcomes for their organization and for them as a leader. Forward-thinking companies often hire leadership coaches to enhance the manager’s leadership development. Leadership coaching is different than leadership training. Leadership coaches support managers in developing their unique leadership skills and style Because Elizabeth was a manager, she knows firsthand all that goes into building and developing teams, while delivering results. Her coaching certification and knowledge, plus her leadership experience make her an amazing choice as a leadership coach. Success Stories
  • What is the Lifelong Learning Way?
    The Lifelong Learning Way is a coaching process for achieving continuous improvement and transformational change. Uniquely developed by Lifelong Learning Coaching & Consulting, CEO/Founder, Elizabeth Boehm-Miller, The Lifelong Learning Way involves authentic leadership tools, individual coaching along with assessment tools, such as DISC to determine or affirm strengths and identify potential barriers to success. It also encompasses 1:1 coaching, reflective exercises and team coaching where applicable. If you are an emerging leader or a leader with decades of experience, The Lifelong Learning Way is a methodology proven to enable personal and professional growth.
  • What is the cost of coaching?
    Coaching investments range depending on the type of coaching and what is included in the coaching program. Considerations include: coaching meeting length & frequency and other services provided by the coach. In addition to coaching meetings, is the coach creating and providing supportive tools? such as: · Development Plans & Progress Reports · Motivational Tools & Focus Techniques · Resources supporting goal realization Is the coach available in between coaching meetings for client conversations or brief pep talks? Coaches charge anywhere from $200 - $3,000 per hour, an average hourly rate is $350 per hour. Many organizations will invest in coaching for their leaders, whether executive, high-potential or emerging leaders. In addition, some companies have Learning Accounts or Educational Funds available to support employees interested in coaching. Asking for the support of your organization to fund coaching may be life-changing, for you and transformational for your organization. Elizabeth offers pro bono coaching as a community service for need-based clients or for leaders of non-profit organizations.
  • What is ICF?
    ICF is the acronym for the International Coaching Federation. ICF is a non-profit organization which serves as the governing body for the coaching profession and the gold standard for coaching professionals. Elizabeth is a global and local member of the International Coaching Federation chapters and upholds their Core Values and Code of Ethics. The ICF Core Values

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