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Selecting The Perfect Coach


Making the decision to invest in your development by hiring a leadership or life coach is a wise choice. And it may seem intimidating, as you may be wondering, “how do I find the right coach for me?” Here are ideas to support your decision-making process. 

Selecting the perfect coach begins with making a connection; rapport is the #1 factor in selecting your coach. You want to feel comfortable and trust your coach, which is why engaging in an initial conversation is a great start. Talk with two or three coaches at most, to see how you like them. Doing online research in advance will help you to select a few coaches to speak with, which will enable efficiency in your search for the right coach. Research their online presence, area(s) of expertise, certifications/education and the background of your potential coach. Here’s my top ten list of questions for consideration as you talk with prospective coaches: 

Experience Coaching & Change Your Life

List of questions to consider as you select your perfect coach:

How did you decide to become a coach? 

What is your coaching experience? (Years of experience, coaching scenarios) 

What coaching certifications have you earned? (Are the certifications from an ICF-approved program?)

Who is your ideal client?  

What levels are they? (Executives, formal leaders, emerging leaders)

What is your coaching specialty?

What organizations have you worked with? 

What types of assessments are you certified to deliver?

What are your coaching success stories? Ask for specific examples of clients who have succeeded as a result of their coaching.

Are you an active member of the International Coaching Federation (ICF)? 

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Since coaching has a 500%+ return on investment, according to Metrix Global, think beyond the cost of coaching. You are making an investment in your development and a life transformation. What is the cost of NOT hiring a coach?  

Coaching is an unregulated profession. Honestly, anyone can call themselves coach. Not everyone is trained or is a certified coach. The governing body for the Coaching industry is the International Coaching Federation (ICF). As the governing body and the gold standard of the Coaching Industry, ICF developed Competencies and Codes that all members promise to uphold. ICF membership requirements include: Certified Professional Coach and Certified Master Coach Certifications from ICF approved programs. 

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Review the


code of ethics 

Create your opportunities, believe in yourself, invest in yourself!

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