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Leadership shows up in many forms. Elizabeth defines a leader as someone who demonstrates initiative for progressing or improving a project or a person. You may be a formal leader of a team, a business owner or an executive leader, and maybe you are an informal leader within an organization. Whether you have 8 weeks of experience or 28 years of experience, coaching is beneficial. Being a lifelong learner herself, Elizabeth, understands first-hand many of the dilemmas leaders face. Her corporate experience plus her coaching training and The Lifelong Learning Way is the perfect combination to enable expansion of your growth mindset. 

The Lifelong Learning Way includes:

1:1 coaching

Assessment tools

Personal development & accountability plans

Access to Elizabeth’s office hours

Reflection techniques 

Strategy Meetings

Grounding exercises

Team Coaching/Workshops

Focus & Motivational tools

Priority Registration: Innovator’s Group Coaching

Staff Meeting

Whether you are managing a difficult business dilemma, making a long-lasting decision, or faced with challenging leadership scenario, hiring a coach will enlighten and inspire you. If you are stumped with developing your vision, managing a huge transition or experiencing feelings are inadequacy, coaching will expand your thinking. Working with Elizabeth as your coach will be life-changing!

The Lifelong Learning
Way Results

Elizabeth’s clients report an improvement in their overall LIFE satisfaction as a result of working with her. Her clients are experiencing improved decision making, enhancing their ability to think more strategically, AND experiencing more calm moments, confidence, and self-awareness leading to increasing fulfillment, balance and job performance outcomes. According to Metrix Global coaching has 500%+ ROI. And according to the Personnel Management Association coaching in combination with training increased productivity 88%, vs a 22% increase with training alone. 


Lifelong Learning Coaching
& Consulting services:

Clapping Audience

Executive Coaching 

Quick Sync

Leadership Coaching

Drawing on a Board


Services Anchor
Happy Friends


Business Meeting



Innovators Group Coaching

Casual Business Meeting

DISC Assessment Tool

Create your opportunities, believe in yourself, invest in yourself!

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