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Executive Coaching 

Clapping Audience

The objective of Executive Coaching is creating support for highly functioning successful C-Suite leaders, or leaders of leaders. Executive leaders benefit from the neutral, third-party perspective and confidential support of a coach to achieve their goals or enhance already strong performance. Executive coaching is a combination of individual and team coaching, coupled with a variety of tools such as, assessments, reflection and de-stressing exercises, which benefit the individual leader, in addition to, their respective teams and organization. 

Executive Coaching Packages include:  

Coaching Kick-off Meeting  

1:1 coaching – (2) 60 min meetings/month

Personal development & accountability plans

Progress Reports

Reflection exercises

Grounding (stress reducing) techniques

Focus & Motivational tools 

Access to coach’s office hours – 2x/month

Team coaching   

Create your opportunities, believe in yourself, invest in yourself!

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